Bartosz Ciepluch

Director of the European Software Center and Nokia Engineering in Wroclaw and board member of the Polish branch of Nokia (former Nokia Solutions and Networks). He graduated from the Technical University of Lodz and the leading Andalusian Universidad de Sevilla, where he earned a master's degree in electronics and telecommunications. He is also a graduate of the Wroclaw University of Economics.

As the first Pole and the youngest person in history of the company, he manages Technology Center Wroclaw NSN. He is also the boss to the biggest team of mobile technology verification, MBB WCDMA. Hence, he is not only responsible for the management of the institution, but also for testing and verification of software which allows users to use mobile phones and transfer any data with them. The software produced in Nokia Networks, one of the three largest mobile technology suppliers in the world, and verified in Wroclaw branch, is used by most of the major operators worldwide. Thanks to the work of Bartek and his team, created solutions are used by millions of people around the world, for example 4G / LTE.

Bartosz Ciepluch began his career in 2006 when, still as a student, he started working at Siemens. The first position he occupied was a software developer. Even then, his level of interpersonal skills distinguished him and he soon began to manage teams. Initially, these were small teams located in Poland. Due to his both technical and high-level management skills, each team he managed achieved high results and became a leader in testing and verification of software throughout the company. This contributed to the fact that after almost four years he was asked to coordinate a 600-people team created of employees from China, Poland, Finland and the Philippines. In 2012 he was appointed head of the branch of WCDMA I&V in Poland, China and the Philippines. Currently, he also manages the Wroclaw Technology Center NSN, which hires over 2500 people and continues to grow. Wroclaw Center is the largest R&D facility in Poland in the ICT sector.

Bartosz Ciepluch is a great example of a man firmly committed to his goal. He perfectly understands that a great boss must know his company's ins and outs while his priorities consist of clearly defined tasks and clear communication. One of the biggest values of his work is a great knowledge of the operational positions in the organization, which allows Bartek to know exactly what is important to his employees. His reputation among subordinates defines a fair and firm boss, the one who always achieves his goals. Bartosz Ciepluch is an effective leader who consistently strives to implement his vision – making the Technology Center Wroclaw one of the largest and best globally operating divisions of Nokia. Since the beginning of 2013 he introduced a number of innovative solutions which will be transferred to other units of the company. What is his yet another undeniable success is the promotion of Polish technological ideas all over the world. His vision motivates employees and allows them to achieve one of the highest rates of patents related to the development of telecommunications throughout the world.

Bartosz Ciepluch knows that he will not achieve his goal without the involvement of all Nokia employees. That's why he doesn't sit behind closed door in a separate office, but works in the so called open space where he resides among his colleagues who can always approach him and talk. This fact too is something not common among managers of such a high level.

From an early age Bartek was interested in the broadly defined information technology and telecommunications. As soon as in elementary school he created his first computer programs. Privately, a fan of music (mostly rock), travel and new technologies. His only wish is to have more time for his family. He lives in Wroclaw with his wife Joanna and daughter Łucja.